Background Bureau, Inc( BBI) is designed to provide comprehensive background history, investigations and drug testing, anywhere, to assist in determining employment eligibility or other allowed situations including tenant rentals, volunteers and licensing eligibility requiring clearance.

It is our role to provide complete and current information, as requested, in the quickest possible time frame , as efficiently as technology permits, as inexpensively as possible with live staff member assistance readily available when needed.

background check services, criminal record background check investigations, drug testing and job match profiles. We operate throughout the US and in 68 countries worldwide.
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What do Clients Say ?
"One resource for background checks and drug testing not only simplifies my job, but saves money we can use for other projects."

Robb (fast food)
"Well, everything went great. I liked how easy everything was and how your company took care of everything for us. It made everything very easy on us, and with us being so busy, that is greatly appreciated. We couldn’t be more pleased, and we definitely will be using you from now on…"

“Relationships,” that is what business is all about. Mark is one of the few Sales Professionals that I have worked with that understands this and utilizes it for the betterment of his clients. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and a professional at all times but he also cares about the follow through when working with managed solutions and administered campaigns. I am lucky to work with such a professional”

Paul McMahon