Human Resource Tips – Should You Use Employee Background Checks and What Does the Law Allow?

It’s critical to your company’s success to make the right hiring decisions but anyone who has hired someone knows that it can be tough to pick the right person. The wrong person can lower team morale, hinder productivity, and hurt customer relations.

The Cost of Hiring the Wrong Person

A study completed by AARP shows that replacing an experienced person can cost 1.5 times as much as the experienced person salary and benefits. One of tools you can use to find the right person is Background Checks.

Why Use Background Checks?

A pre-employment background check can save you money in the long run and protect your business from the damage a bad employee can do in a short time with your company, especially if your new employee will come into contact with your customers. A bad employee could cause harm to a customer and your business could be liable if that employee had a criminal record. Background checks also provide some insight into a potential employee’s behavior, character, and integrity.

Types of Background Checks

It’s best to know which background checks are appropriate and lawful since hiring decisions vary from state to state. And remember that any check on a individuals credit score or military services will require consent.
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Popular Background Checks Include…

  • Credit Checks
  • Drug Tests
  • Past Employers
  • Criminal Background
  • Driving Records
  • Sex Offender Registry

We suggest you use a screening firm or check with a lawyer to know what’s expected and what’s not allowed in your state.

Use a Screening Firm to Stay Within the Law

Screening firms will offer complete background checks and help you stay compliant with the laws in your state. It’s also best to only use background checks that pertain to the job your prospective employee will be doing.

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About Background Bureau

Background Bureau provides comprehensive background checks, drug tests, and tenant screenings to clients who want to reduce the amount of time, money and paperwork it takes to protect themselves from potential employees, tenants, or partners who have had troubled histories.
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