Background Checks

Background Checks

Why Background Checks?

Because some people are a risk to your employees, customers, business, and reputation!

Protect Employees, Customers, Reputation, and Assets

Obtaining a criminal history can uncover violent behavior, sexual offenses, drug abuse problems, and theft offences.

Obtaining a credit history can reveal a person who is in great need and need is one of the biggest reasons people steal.

Obtaining a workers' compensation claim history can identify prior injuries that could be aggravated later and potentially increase your insurance premiums.

Obtaining a driving record can reveal alcohol abuse problems that could result in poor performance, as well as, increased medical costs and absences.

Obtaining a drug screening identifies drug abusers who may be a liability to other people and your operations.


Prevent Applicants From Misrepresenting Themselves

In an attempt to conceal problems, an applicant could provide false identifiers to have you run a check on a different person's history. Identitrace® verifies and confirms their identity. It also reveals other areas they've lived or worked and their right to work.

Verification of education, prior employment, licenses, and degrees shows the integrity of a applicants statements, give employers a true track record, and ensures that an applicant can work legally in a particular position.

Prevent Poor Performance and Quick Turnover Rates

Verification of education, prior employment, licenses, and degrees can reveal misrepresentations of positions, income levels, and education levels.

Obtaining a credit history could uncover problems that indicate an inability to stay on the job or to concentrate.

Obtaining a driving record could indicate alcohol problems and the degree to which this person is inclined to follow the rules.

Obtaining drug screenings could identify those who have habits that can result in accidents, injuries and increased absenteeism.

Prevent Future Tenant Problems and Evictions

Obtaining a criminal history can uncover sexual offenses that could put other tenants at risk.

Obtaining a credit history could uncover credit problems that indicate a likelihood of future collection problems or evictions.

Obtaining a past evictions history will indicate a likelihood of future evictions.

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Contact us (800-854-3990) for more information!