PsychPros Gives Background Bureau 5 Stars For Providing Accurate and Timely Background Checks On Their Potential Placements

The Situation

PsychPros is a recruiting staffing, employment, and career services company for those who promote behavioral health and service to others. They needed a quicker turnaround time on background checks and reporting that would allow them to fill their staffing orders quicker for their clients.

Our Solution

Background Bureau’s national criminal database provides a comprehensive criminal check for Ohio and that is where most of PsychPro’s applicants reside. Not all databases are strong in Ohio so we really help them get accurate data back so they can make good decisions on potential staffing placements. Also our multi-state national criminal database and MVR (driving records) helps them get reporting on those who live outside Ohio.

The Results

“We have been very happy with Background Bureau! Their product is easy to navigate, fast results and their customer service is exceptional! Very happy that we decided to switch providers.” Kristin O’Brien

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About Background Bureau

Background Bureau provides comprehensive background checks, drug tests, and tenant screenings to clients who want to reduce the amount of time, money and paperwork it takes to protect themselves from potential employees, tenants, or partners who have had troubled histories.
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