Tips on How to Choose The Right Background Check Service For Your Company…

Hiring the best employees is critical to the success of both small and large businesses. While a terrific resume and a great interview are key influencers in the hiring decision, a thorough background check is also an important piece of the hiring process. After all you are basically considering a stranger to come into your business and then giving them instant access to money, information systems, data, and customers. To minimize your risk, ensure that you incorporate the right background check into your hiring process.

Consider the Following When Choosing a Background Check Service…

  • Ensure that the company is accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). This accreditation program reviews the policies and procedures of background check providers in the areas of consumer protection, verification standards, legal compliance and other industry practices.
  • The service acts in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), which governs the background check process. This includes obtaining the job candidate’s permission to conduct the background check and giving them the opportunity to review the results.
  • It can access the information that your business needs to make their hiring choices.
  • The service includes the authorization forms or electronic consent forms for candidates to fill out.
  • There is an online website to request background screenings and to review the results.
  • The report is completed quickly and includes clear, accurate details.
  • The costs are economical.

Once you define the background details for your potential employees based on your specific business needs, there are a couple of types of background services to choose from. Here are some details on each type, so you can choose the appropriate one to vet candidates for your business.

Online Background Check Services

Online background check services are simple and inexpensive to use, but they are not always FCRA compliant. And their terms often state that their services are not recommended for pre-employment screening. By entering information on the person that you are researching, you can easily access information such as social security number verification, sex offenses, arrests, criminal convictions, bankruptcy, addresses, marriage records, and social networks profiles. The risk of using an online service is that information can be incomplete or inaccurate. The advantage is that the cost is usually affordable and the results are fast.

Full-Service Background Check Companies

Full-service background check companies provide a more thorough vetting solution. The researchers use a combination of online searches, in-person visits to courthouses, and direct contact with institutions and former employees in order to complete a thorough investigation. These companies will provide details and verification on criminal history (local,state,national), social security numbers, employment, education, professional licenses, sex offender status, credit report, motor vehicle, military, workers’ compensation, address, and references. These companies follow the standards set by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The typical turnaround time for this type of service is two to five days, with requests and results completed online.

Know What You Want to Look For

In either case, using an online or full-service company, you may think it’s a good idea to check into a potential employee’s social media history. However, this should be done with caution, as it could lead to a discrimination lawsuit, because of age, religion, or disability information that is uncovered on these personal sites. So it’s important to tell the background check company what type of information you are looking for, and what you are not looking for in order to minimize the risk.

Work With a Well Seasoned Team That Can Help You Decipher The Results

Online results can be good but it’s best to have trained eyes and experience on your side! According to a HireRight survey, 86% of companies are using a screening service for potential employees. And a 2016 HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Report found that there were discrepancies between the background check results and the candidates resumes in 88% of those screened.

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