What Is The Process for a Professional Background Screening? See This Info-graphic…

Why do companies want to run background checks on employment candidates and their employees? Because some people are a risk to your employees, customers, business, and reputation! The Background Screening Process is laid out in general with this the following info-graphic created by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)…

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At Background Bureau we help our clients with background checks for 4 main reasons…

  • To protect employees, customers, reputation, and assets
  • To prevent applicants from misrepresenting themselves
  • To prevent poor performance and quick turnover rates
  • To prevent future tenant problems and evictions

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About Background Bureau

Background Bureau provides comprehensive background checks, drug tests, and tenant screenings to clients who want to reduce the amount of time, money and paperwork it takes to protect themselves from potential employees, tenants, or partners who have had troubled histories.
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